Saturday, August 8, 2015

Ode to Assert

Oh, assert ();
my oldest friend.

I know quite well where you
started, and my work began.

Your name is cheap and often spoken,
a promise, a guard against promise broken.
When oft I scan and search about,
you accompany my forefathers' many a shout.

You are born of my fear,
our uncertainty,
and the author's doubt.

You accompany many reports of error,
reminding forever,
how haste and castigation come together.

You're an oath overseer awoken,
with the duty to report that oath broken.
Your shout that you ought not to have had to visit me,
is sharp. I worry you may actually resent my company.

I seem not alone,
for yours is the face that cut short a thousand thousand ventures,
builds killed in the cradle from code pristine.

And now at home,
I can read of a thousand more exciting adventures,
to replace you with other devils still unseen.

Forgive them brother,
for they know not what they do,
for they curse themselves,
when they curse at you.

For you are a mirror,
not a jailer,
you do nothing that I do not request,
I am a fool to blame you for my past behest.

Cast armchair blame we may,
but the truth is as clear as day,
it is only when I fault that you wail,
it is only when I fail,
that you fail! ();

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